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Fond of Showing my Dick in Public

Keule: Of course I like naturist places. But what really turns me on is undresing and being naked in public places, where someone might just come around the corner. Or I walk in the street having my dick hanging out of my pants. Anyone else into exhibitionism?
WhoNeedsPants:I love being naked in front of fully clothed strangers!
fulla: I used to do my paper run sometimes with my cock out while riding my bike. Often my cock was rock hard as cars are driving past and I'm stopped and putting newspapers in letter boxes. Nobody ever said anything to me about it though but often there was a lot of people out on the street!
chuckmiles121: I've done it a bit too, it's very exciting. I'd never go over the boundary and flash and frighten someone or go out to get done for indecent exposure, but "accidentally on purpose" allowing someone to get a look at me is a turn on. I've even unwittingly (genuinely) forgotten to zip up. and amazingly shopped for an hour before some guy politely and discretely tipped me off. I went red with embarrassment. I've had my dick out under the desk at school, in lectures and in the "open" office, I've jacked away in the cinema - main steam and adult - in changing rooms in stores with people in the next cubicle, in urinals and cubicles, in parks, on non nudist beaches and in the woods. I've even commuted on buses and crowded train wearing a coat but with my dick fully out of my trousers. I've walked at night along busy road traffic with my dick fully exposed knowing I could be seen. I've stood naked in front of hotel windows knowing office workers opposite could see everything. So yes, I love doing it too
suckcock: when i wear a coat long enough to cover my cock i love letting it hang out and love walking passed young girls soooooooo turns me on
fatcock57: I love it! i like having my dick hanging out of my boxers and sitting across from someone hoping they'll take a peak down my shorts. big turn on
robert63: Get busted doing this and see where your name is posted in each state that shows registered sex offenders....maybe in a nudist camp but not in public.
Dutchman: knowing someone might see you walking naked is the greatest thrill! I love it and try to do it a lot
Keule: I love taking a walk and letting hang out my dick trough a hole of my jeans. once it's hard it's hard to get it back in place, so there's no chance to hide anymore.
walker15: Yes. I enjoy having my Dick on show when I take my dog for a walk in the local woods, the feel of good fresh air on it is great, especially with the foreskin retracted, I get a real thrill from it, and it makes me feel horny, ready to fuck the wife when I get back.
sjm: yes went walking in a wood with my wife in summer and just let my cock hang out it was great
rockface999: Yep agree totally! I have never been able to resist an opportunity to show my dick - specially fully erect - in public. Have even invited people to watc me jerking off or screwing.

What are the many ways to show off dick in public?

What techniques can I do to show off my dick in public. I can either actually expose my dick, or show the outline
liketoedge: In High school we wore tight jeans walked around hard or semi most of the day and you could just about see our dicks right through our pants. several of us porposly did it. I liked the stares and the attention I got from it
bus310: Cars work the best. Pull it out and people passing in pickups or suv can get an eyeful. Truck drivers especially get a good view. I do it to every female trucker I drive along side of. Always get a tumbs up!=
spermkiss: OK, I guess your question is how do you get maximum exposure of your dick in a public or semi-public place with minimum risk of being arrested. One answer is to wear revealing clothing. Wear snug fitting pants made out of a thin fabric with no underpants. You can pretty much do this anywhere. In warm weather wear short shorts again without underpants so that you sometimes "accidentially" expose yourself thru a leg opening. Again, you can do this most places. At the beach or pool, wear an unlined swim brief made out of thin nylon fabric preferably of a light color. When you get out of the water the wet fabric will cling to your body showing a very revealing outline of your dick. As for total nudity, one obvious answer is the locker room and shower room at a gym. Try hanging out there nude with an erection. It's fun. Or even jack off in the shower. Now about outdoor nudity, where do you live? Here in San Francisco that happens all the time. There are parks and beaches where nudity is generally practiced and tolerated. Also certain neighborhoods where it is not unusual to see naked men walking on the street. And at certain special events such as the Bay-to-Breakers foot race, the Gay Freedom Day Parade, the Castro Street Fair and the Folsom Street Fair there are always nude people.

how to get a mate to show you his dick

Wilko: Hey everyone, I was just wondering for any tips on asking a guy to show you his dick. In Australia or at least where I live, in sports class back when I was in school we never got naked to get changed, but I always wished we did. So how do you think I should ask?
alwayshorny: watch some porn together, nd try to jerk off together, probably he will do , if not. get him lill drunk before asking him to jerk off together. hope dis works. gud luck
Lonewolf_ICT: wait till it is nice and hot outside. Ask him if he wants to go swimming. Just be casual and suggest skinny dipping.... worst that can happen is he will say no....
K315: Compare dick tricks!! Always a great starter

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